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Sara's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

Name: Sara
Age: 16
DOB: December 4th, 1989
Height: 5'5
Hair Color: Flamingo Pink & Violet
Eye Color: Blue

Welcome to Saraland.

This layout was made by flamingopink0.

Copyright © saraland 2005-2006 All rights reserved.

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Cant sleep. [Friday
Jan 5th, at 4:48am 2007 ]
[ mood | bored ]

I forgot about you.

I'm sorry <3

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Oct 1st, at 8:32pm 2006 ]
[ mood | bored ]

how DOES one tell someone they just want to be friends when they get back....
back out of jail.....
aka how does one tell that to someone whos sittting IN jail.....
I am so going to hell.
I've been avoiding these phone calls for quiiiiite some time now 
Sara so does not have a heart.
Thought she did for awhile there,
but clearly,
I was mistaken.
If she does have one then it must be
really REALLY small.

oh god.
It is my crack.
I pretty much suck at it,
but I've decided......
I'm going pro.

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Bitches and hoes, bitches and hoes.... [Friday
Sep 15th, at 1:25am 2006 ]
[ mood | in pain ]

New layout.

It looks fucked up though if you have that bar thing on the top....
I got rid of mine.

Wisdom teeth are out.
Ohh snap.

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The nights you'll never remember with the people you'll never forget. [Tuesday
Sep 12th, at 7:55am 2006 ]
[ mood | tired ]

2 months extra
weeks and weeks of drinking binges
a bit of this and that
fourth pipe
Mindless Self Indulgence
KISS acid
lost fourth pipe
Metric at Wakefest
getting arrested
cruise to Alaska
Vancouver again
a handful of shows
getting lost in Wetbank
Nelson with the Broadwater bitches
Koots Roots
bathing in a fucking freezing river every morning
liquid acid
mushroom chocolates
Tent City
hippie fest
nude beach
Holy Smoke
disgusting hack from Koots Roots
soo much weed
new pipe  < 3
Grad campout
job at Subway
all my favorite friendlies
second hand store shopping
realizing I'm still gradding this year despite last year
and much, MUCH more


The BEST summer of my fucking life.

YEAH Grad double-oh Seven.

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Aug 17th, at 6:12pm 2006 ]
[ mood | blank ]

Zac got sentenced today.

He's out in two months,

Count 'em bitches.

Halfway through October then I believe?

Got my phone back,
Hopefully you gentlemen remember the number.

This Silvano thing is annoying me.

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Ho Gee. [Wednesday
Aug 9th, at 5:47pm 2006 ]
[ mood | distressed ]

come hereCollapse )

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Ohhhhh [Monday
Jul 31st, at 7:39pm 2006 ]
[ mood | tired ]

One word:


Yes.  Yes that about covers the highlight of my cruise.

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Jul 21st, at 6:43am 2006 ]
[ mood | numb ]

Off on an Alaskan cruise.

Back by August 1st.


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Jul 19th, at 2:57am 2006 ]
[ mood | nauseated ]









Why is Winfield so FUCKED already.

We need Zac.

Winfield seems like it actually fucking needs Zac.

I don't even know what to do.

I am actually at a loss.

This no contact order is killing me.

I can't visit, I can't even fucking phone.  I can only write a god damn fucking letter if I use someone else's name, but somehow that just isn't even near fucking good enough right now.

I need your help.

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Hahahahahahaahhhh pure GOLD I tell you.... [Monday
Jul 17th, at 2:56am 2006 ]
[ mood | momentarily amused ]

nancy says:

you know who i hear has a giant penis

nancy says:


nancy says:

too bad ill get to see it and you wont

Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:

yeah well

Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:

maybe ill meet a sexy ESKIMO 

Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


nancy says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:

and we can run off together

Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:

cook salmon.....

Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:

and ..

nancy says:

oooooooh baby

Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:

kill....polar bears

Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:


nancy says:

yeah you have fun with your whale blubber.

nancy says:


Sara - Jesus Fucking Christ says:

im not seeing your mom tonight.

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No No No Noo. [Saturday
Jul 15th, at 2:07pm 2006 ]
[ mood | Indescribably distressed ]

Fucked up royally.

I think this might just be a new record for you Sara.

Arrested  -  Being charged with theft over $5000.
Court dates on September 12th.

Court Orders  :  

No contact order with Zachary Simpson.
No consumption of any alcohol.
No consumption of any drugs.

Was I on drugs when I was arrested?  Why I sure was not. 
Does that make sense?  Why no, no it doesn't.

Michael Heaton's mother is a dumb fucking cunt.  Mike is awesome, but his mother sucks cock for bus fare and still walks home.

Zac's going back to jail I think.  Heatonkikefuckcunt said he's looking at 18 months, but I just don't see how that makes sense.
The first time he was in jail he had soooo many more charges, sooo many more and he was only in for 6 months.
Second time he was in jail for 2 months and he still had more charges than he does now.
I think he's only being charged with 2 stolen vehicles, so HOW can they give him a year and a half for that?  HOW DOES THAT WORK!!!!!

Fuck the no contact order.  I'm going to see him when he gets out, I don't give a fuck.  It just means that while he's in jail I won't be able to visit him because I wouldn't be able to get in.  Can't write to him either unless I get someone else to write to him, and just write on their letter.

Fuck I feel like shit.  I am so worried for him and upset.
This feeling is indescribable.
It hasn't even sunken in completely yet.  I don't want it to.

Besides when I went to Vancouver for 5 days, we haven't been apart for more than two days in the last 4 months.  I'm going to miss him.  Alot.
Who knew - Sara has a heart.

I hate this.

Sean Harris told the cops that Zac hit me.  That is complete and utter BULLSHIT.
Zac has never laid a harmful hand on me EVER.
Would the cops listen to me?
What do you think.

Here's the lesson of the day boys and girls  :  

Don't steal cars.

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Jun 23rd, at 1:29pm 2006 ]
[ mood | rushed ]

Come hither...Collapse )

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Oh my fucking GOD [Saturday
Jun 3rd, at 1:04am 2006 ]
[ mood | nauseated ]

"sara you have a piece of me with you and i cant shake it lose for the life of me k.. i liked you... i do like you ..."

Jesus Fucking Christ  -  NO.  You've gotta be fucking kidding me.

Never.  Ever.  Ever....... Again.

Does Bob Fiddle have to slap a bitch?

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May 30th, at 8:32am 2006 ]
[ mood | amused ]

I am really starting to love unexpected phone calls more and more.

Ahhhh George Elliot.....you bitch.

So no one updates very often anymore......you all are bitches too  <3

My hand hurts like a flaming bitch . . .
                                                |____ alot like my mother.

                   Full out brawl.
                             "Doesn't have the same effect when it 
                                    doesn't slam does it?"
                                                     "I wasn't trying to slam it, 
                                                            I was just trying to 
                                                                 get your fat ass out of it"
     Hahahahahahah hahahahh ahhh hahhhhh hahh, 
     oh I make myself laugh, I really do.


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Yeaaah dinner.... [Friday
May 12th, at 12:26am 2006 ]
[ mood | amused ]

I love unexpected phone calls.

My and Jamie's Nexopia bitches are entertaining.  Soooo fucking dumb.  Astoundingly stupid.

uh yes im a drop out
and your would know this how?

Way to prove my point honey.  Wow....

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I want you to.....Satisfy. [Tuesday
May 9th, at 4:15am 2006 ]
[ mood | anxious ]

Ohhhh you're walking on thin ice boy....
Thin fucking ice.

Jesus fucking christ I am so fucking frustrated.  Shit.

Ughhh I don't know what to do.  Either way, sooner or later, something will kick me in the ass, it's just a matter of when.  I don't like the uncertainty, the suspense, the unknown.  God fucking damnit.

Amy  -  Make me a layout for GreatestJournal douchecake.

Apparently Kelly got smashed in the eye with a baseball bat, thrown and raped in a red van by 711....isn't that all kinds of fucked up.  Jesus christ....hope she's alright....

People are twisted.

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May 6th, at 2:48pm 2006 ]
[ mood | frustrated ]

To Whom It May Conern : 

I never  fucking went out to dinner with Marty and would never want to.  Just because you seem to have/had some obsession with him doesn't mean I ever would.  He isn't good looking and doesn't have that amazing personality to make up for it either.  Who else could it be?  You have not a clue who I associate with let alone date.  Don't be fucking dumb.  Also, I never said their name started with an M, I said his name had an A somewhere in it.  I never said I went out to dinner with him, Nancy was guessing every single name ever given to a male, and when she said his name, I said no.  Then she looked at me and was like "Yes it was" and gave me the creepiest look ever, so I started laughing, and somehow she lodged it in her brain it must be him.  Not my fault.  Want to hear the truth mydear?  He kept calling me every fucking day and I was ignoring his phone calls because I knew you liked him.  Thanks for believing I was that good of a friend  though.  If that's what you think of me, then fuck that, and fuck you.

And who was I talking about in my LiveJournal when I was talking about thinking I wouldn't see them again?  Zac.  Close though.

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Fuck karma from behind. [Friday
May 5th, at 2:45am 2006 ]
[ mood | distressed ]

Seriously, kicked in the fucking teeth by it this time.  I really need to stop laughing at Zac for things.  I laughed when he lost his bag and phone again and karma got me so fucking bad.  Jesus fucking christ.
I have the worst luck imaginable.
God fucking DAMNIT.

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Fuckbag. [Wednesday
May 3rd, at 3:45am 2006 ]
[ mood | groggy ]

So fucking dumb.

So much fucking pain.

God fucking damnit.

Highlights of Day:   -  Seeing Curtis' video for English.....The bath scenes, foot massages, and leaping into each others arms was so fucking awesome, oh fuck.  So funny.
                                      -  Zac gave me a new pipe....not too sure on why, but I'm not going to question it. 

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MY GOD [Saturday
Apr 29th, at 11:25pm 2006 ]
[ mood | relieved ]

Aaron is my god.  
Cell phone lost  - searched for this morning - gone - disconnected - friend found it - reconnected - just got phone back about an hour ago.  Right on.
I have the worst fucking karma imaginable.  It amazes even me.  The good part better come soon.  Fuck Zac and the circle of fucking karma - kicks me in the ass each time around.
New pipe lost.  Fuck.  Seriously.  Lost two purses in one week...found second, but after it'd been picked through.  JESUS.
Fucked night, uuugh.  Baaaad.  Started out good, and had its moments.
The most haggard-est morning hahahhh fuuuck.  So funny.
Garage Sale - Fuck yeah!

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